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Gold Aerial Silks Set For Sale

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Gold aerial silks for sale



Our Aerial Silks Fabric is available in a gorgeous 20 colors in industry standard Nylon Tricot – a beautiful low-medium stretch Aerial fabric. They’re strong, soft and perfect for beginners through to professionals.



Aerial Supplies Pty Ltd are the Globally used standard when your looking for Aerial Silks, and have a (working load limit) of 200kg (444lbs) based on average safety factors used around the world, these tests were done while rigged to an aluminium figure 8, which is the most common way of rigging this type of fabric. If you wanted to increase your fabric’s durability, you can add a sleeve before rigging to a figure8.

If you need a certificate for your performances or insurance, these are available on request from Aerial Supplies Pty Ltd.


All Aerial Silks are prone to reaching high temperatures during long or high energy Dynamic movements, this can result in small melted patches, and even holes. These holes are caused by the friction of the fabric rubbing against itself and the performer during high speed movement. Nylon Tricot and low-medium stretch fabrics are susceptible to holes when used under extreme condtions, so it is important to inspect your aerial silks before each session for your safety. However, you should always take care when practicing slack drops, and be aware of the high amount of friction you can generate during these drops. Please note that these melts can happen to new silks as well as old ones, so the condition of your silks will need to be inspected regularly throughout their lifespan.

If you regularly perform Dynamic moves and drops, you will need to inspect the full length of your fabric regularly, and the fabric will need replacing more often.


Aerial Supplies provide the worlds largest range of Aerial Silk colours in the world with over 20 colours, +pattern and dye-prints, with over 50 combined years in the fabric industry we know you have only the best and most beautiful.


*To work out silk length needed, please measure the height from floor to mounting point and back down to floor (2x height) plus add  3 – 6 ft to engage off ground and length for tricks.

*This Aerial Silk Set is 9 ft (280cm) wide with standard Aerial Silks “Rigging included”


Rigging included:

  • 1 x Swivel (Rated 30kn)
  • 2 x Steel Caribiners (Rated 25kn)
  • 1 x Aerial Silk figure8/Aerial8 (30kn)

Our fabric is:

  • Flame retardant
  • 1950lb Breaking Load tested, 440 lb Safe Load certified
  • Hand Washable (Delicates, Cold wash [*not often])
  • Environment friendly dyes
  • 20 different colours available


*REMEMBER! To always remain safe. We always recommend your product to be hung professionally – your safety is your responsibility. Always ensure you check and test rigging and regularly check your equipment before use

Please keep in mind that most of our products are of a customised nature regarding size and length, therefore please allow up to 6 working days (not including weekends and Public Holidays) to process, depending on influx of orders. We will then update you with your tracking number. Enjoy your purchase – we know you’ll love it!


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